Brass GS® (Graduated Size) Eyelet Data

brass eyelets
  • The GS system lets you choose from 72 sizes, graduated by 32nds of an inch in both length and barrel diameters
  • GS eyelet sizes in stock in brass base material
  • Nickel, black chemical, cadmium, electro tin, antiques and custom painted finishes and platings are available
  • The GS system gives you the flexibility of using all lengths of the same barrel diameter without changing setting tools. This saves you time and money
  • Most automatic feed machines can run all lengths of the same barrel diameter with easily interchangeable parts
  • Siska Inc. also has a complete line of setting machines and over 60 years of expertise in building, modifying and repairing eyelet and grommet attaching machines.
  • Apparel, automotive, electronics, display and banner, printing and finishing, sports and camping are only a few of the industries which we service


Length Under Flange

   1/16    3/32    1/8     5/32    3/16    7/32    1/4     9/32    5/16   11/32    3/8  13/32    7/16
Barrel Dia. 0.059  GS2-1B
__ __ __ __ __ __ __
Flange Diameter  0.105
*Metal Thickness 0.007
Barrel Diameter 0.089 __  GS3-3B 
__ __
Flange Diameter 0.150
*Metal Thickness 0.009
Barrel Diameter 0.121 __  GS4-3B 
__ __
Flange Diameter  0.200
*Metal Thickness 0.010
Barrel Diameter 0.152 __  GS5-3B 
__ __
Flange Diameter  0.245
*Metal Thickness 0.010
Barrel Diameter 0.183 __  GS6-3B 
Flange Diameter  0.290
*Metal Thickness 0.011
Barrel Diameter 0.215 __  GS7-3B 
Flange Diameter  0.340
*Metal Thickness 0.011
Barrel Diameter 0.246 __  GS8-3B 
Flange Diameter  0.385
*Metal Thickness 0.011